Lucknow: 12-year-old Girl raised voice for clean air, As soon as the lockdown opens, pollution levels have started increasing across the country and Lucknow. For a few days, Indians who are breathing a sigh of relief are once again forced to live in a suffocating environment. A recent study by IIT Delhi has said that if India’s low pollution levels are maintained during the lockdown, it can reduce the country’s death rate by 6.5 lakh. This is the reason that common people and organizations concerned about the environment are coming forward. To maintain clean air, he is demanding a clear and applicable program from the Government of India.

Ridhima Pandey
Ridhima Pandey

Ridhima Pandey- We are going to start online campaign for this.

It has been decided that people will share their city photo with the slogan “For Clean Air” and participate in a nationwide digital movement on World Environment Day on June 5. Along with this, an online petitions campaign is also being run in which it has been asked whether the government is giving this responsibility to a particular person to ensure clean air. This movement is being led by many organizations across the country including Maharashtra’s social organization Jhatka.

Because of lockdown since 25 March, lakhs of Vehicles on the roads, factories have had to be closed. India has got the cleanest air in two decades due to stagnation in construction and economic activities.

Whereas before this, the situation was that 21 of India’s top 30 most polluted cities were in India. During the lockdown, the air index quality (AQI) continues to decline. In a city like Delhi, its level in winter was above 400. During the lockdown, it is seen around 60. In such a situation, the question also arises whether we should resort to the epidemic to get clean air?

122 cities in the country do not meet the national standard of cleanliness

According to the National Clean Air Program, there are 122 cities in India that do not meet the quality of the national standard of clean air. There are only 18 cities in Maharashtra. This institution appeals to the people of these cities especially to participate in this movement. Also appeals to inspire other people as well. People can put pressure on the government through a demand of 60 throughout the year. So that the lockdown ends

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