-Kajal Singh
Today, due to the royalty, our culture, which was not affected even during the rule of the Mughals and the British, is being destroyed in independent India. Due to our wrong policies, today we have reached such a situation that due to negligence and neglect, our spirituality can be completely destroyed.

India was the spiritual master of the world in the past.
The Kerala Elephant Cruelty Corona infection is said to be a by-product of the injustice done to nature, brought some hope that perhaps humanity will now be grateful to life-giving nature and all its stakeholders. It will be aware of its upliftment and respect, but the matter which came to light in Kerala in the recent past has once again embarrassed humanity. In a country like India, where every living being is associated with God, only mischievous mischief killed the elephant and her unborn child.

The case of feeding explosives to a pregnant elephant in Kerala had not yet been resolved, now that a case of an inhuman incident with a pregnant cow has come up in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. Some mischievous elements fed the cow with food items, explosive material which severely damaged her jaw.

US dog’s electric tape used to prevent a dog from barking in South Carolina. The dog was found to be in critical condition. His tongue was cut from the tape and there was bleeding from his mouth.

To say that humans have many advantages and shortcomings. But the biggest drawback today is that of “humanity”. I am not saying that every human in this world lacks humanity but seeing the antics of infallible people It seems that there is no heart in them.

A few days ago, I saw some videos in which the heart was shocked after seeing the behavior of animals. She was left alone Well, what did those Abol animals who come down to do. What kind of craze is there in which a monkey is being killed with a stick? Killing and speaking, do not speak anything, do not make much noise, quietly kill him. That poor blood-soaked monkey is neither able to do anything nor able to save itself nor pain He is groaning. He killed him so much that he fell in love with the monkey god 🙁 Not only that, even after he died, hanging him from the tree and killing him.
In the second video, setting fire to a woodpile and tying small puppies in that fire, they are burning. The puppy was begging, screaming, and groaning with fire to save itself.

Despite all his efforts, he was dragged from the rope and pushed into the fire and burnt. Another similar video in which firecrackers in a sweet box were set on fire by the monkey as soon as he came to the monkey box to eat something and crackers fearing at the sound of, he fell. The funny video is being shared in the name of funny video and on the other hand, after watching a cat dropping into a crocodile river and watching his life-saving efforts, he made a video with laughter.

The cat became a victim of that crocodile even after a million attempts. In India, the cow is honored in the name of the mother, who is aware of the crime committed by her. The most merciless in slaughterhouses is with the cow itself. Hey! What has happened to people who come down on such lowliness? If you are so angry, then instead of coming out on lifeless animals, if you go out on the monsters who play with the life of innocent girls, then the situation in the country will improve.

Laughter is included. If the same mobile told the police and would help them, then those helpless animals could have survived. I say this, why is this cruelty shown to animals? Hey! They also have pain, they also have heart, family and they have the right to “live.”

Which humanity do we talk about by treating animals like this? These helpless people speak wildly, but the greatest devil who has crossed all limits of humanity is Hama. After all, until when animals will become mere toys of humans, do people not feel like mercy even once before doing anything like this. Why do we not even think of other animals even once?
Well; When a person does not think about the human being, how can he think of another creature? The case of the barbaric murder of a pregnant elephant in Kerala could not be settled even now that a pregnant cow was fed with explosives in flour in Himachal Pradesh. On the one hand, we call the cow as our mother, and on the other hand, we treat our same mother with such terrible behavior. A pregnant cow was fed with explosives in flour in the state. On the one hand, we call the cow as our mother, and on the other hand, we treat our same mother with such terrible behavior. They are animals, it does not mean that they do not have the right to live. They have the same right on this earth as we humans are not the center of human earth, the sooner we understand this, the better it will be for us or small viruses like corona will show us our real place.

Animal cruelty prevention law inconsistencies
The government celebrates animal welfare fortnightly from 14 January to 29 January every year to awaken public awareness for the welfare of animals.

The Animal Cruelty Prevention Committees are realizing their duty these days by organizing children’s rallies, speech competitions, essay competitions.
There is an animal welfare department, under which animal cruelty prevention committees are functioning. The prevention of animal cruelty remains in India. Under this, there is a provision for punishing those who commit atrocities on animals, cruelty, vandalism, and cruelty. But these silent, helpless, destitute beings are not getting the benefit of those laws. Under the law, it is a legal offense to torture animals, brutalize them, inflict more burden on them, stuff them in trucks, torture them while moving them from one place to another. But the wonder is that there is no provision of punishment for killing them.

The slaughterhouse is an open violation of animal cruelty laws. The process of obtaining the certificate of the slaughterable animal from the authorities and slaughtering the animals before transporting the animals from the cattle fairs to the abattoirs is all blown away by the law.
It is not surprising even if dual standards of meat promotion department should be given to the topmost officials in our nation who are handling the work of the Department of Animal Welfare, due to inconsistencies of law and lack of qualification in line with the work.

Animal husbandry departments are planning for animal husbandry.
Today, by misleading the West, by creating misleading terminologies like a rabbit, fish, egg cultivation, compassion, compassion, and love for animals are being erased.
Surprisingly, all these works are being done under the guise of law.
Law neglecting nature is inconsistent
The constitution provides for the citizens of India to do custom business.
April 23, 1956, was a dark day for the Indian animal world. On this day, the Supreme Court of India ignored the message of compassion, kindness, compassion, non-violence, friendship, and love by all the great men towards the human beings and the message of living and let live, and also accepted animal slaughter as a favorite business.
But animal slaughter cannot be trade and business.
It is a stigma on humanity.

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