home where the murder was done
the home where the murder was done

Lucknow: Husband strangled his wife late Wednesday night in Kakauli village in Madiaon police station area. After this, he lay beside him overnight. When he woke up in the morning, he sat outside the room and tried to cover the matter by seducing the neighbors. He broke down in police interrogation and confessed his crime.

Ram Hriday, originally a resident of Talgaon Sitapur, has lived in BK Prajapati’s house in Kakoli village with wife Munni Devi (35) for five years. A CO had sold his plot. Ramrdaya had relationships with some women, on whom he used to spend his earnings. Munni Devi opposed this. Neighbor Totaram said that when he reached Munni Devi’s house around six o’clock on Thursday morning, her husband Ramhriday was sitting outside the room. Seeing the dead body of Munni Devi, Totaram inquired of Ramahdaya, and he gave around to answer. After this Totaram went to his work. Totram’s son Abhishek reached Munni Devi’s house after one o’clock in the afternoon when he informed the police.

Police rushed to the spot and based on suspicion, started the interrogation of Ramhriyad in custody, on which he admitted to the incident. The police claim that Ramhriday told during interrogation that Munni Devi suspected him. Late Wednesday evening, he made and ate meat at home. After this, he got intoxicated and strangled Munni Devi with a sari and murdered her after protesting against their relationship. A chillum has also been recovered from the house.

Financial condition was very bad

Munni Devi bought twenty rupees of flour and rice from a grocery store two days ago, her financial condition was very bad. They had a child, but died.

Police received information after 14 hours

Inspector Madiaon VK Singh
Inspector Madiaon VK Singh

According to Inspector Madiaon VK Singh, the murder incident took place around 12 pm on Wednesday night. Police received information at two o’clock in the afternoon, after which action was taken against the accused husband by registering a murder report.

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