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Mumbai, Maharashtra: An FIR has been filed against Mumbai-18 channel anchor Amish Devgan in Mumbai. These FIRs have been lodged after the complaint by the police for spreading false news. Amish is accused of spreading false news about Muslims performing prayers in the Kurla Masjid on his TV show ‘Ar-Paar’ aired on May 1, 2020.

During the show, Amish Devgan showed a fake video claiming the people had gathered near Kurla Masjid during the lockdown.
Based on the false claims made by Devgan, a complaint has been filed against him at Kurla Police Station in Mumbai. Amish Devgan has already been accused of continuously running fake news against a community, defaming them, and doing inflammatory shows against them. But the channel never put any restriction against such shows.

Amish Devgan, FIR
Amish Devgan, FIR

Who lodged the FIR?
Shahzad Khan, the founding member of the Public Care Foundation and Azim Khan, president of All India Transport Congress (INTUC), has demanded a complaint against Amish Devgan and his channel News18 for spreading fake news. Amish Devgan has been accused of hurting the sentiments of the Muslim community by spreading fake news.

What did the complainant say?
Shahzad Khan, the founding member of the NGO Public Care Foundation, said that on April 29, there was a dispute in Kurla. Amish Devgan aired her video on 1 May and claimed that it was the same day’s video. He further said that the dispute between the locals and the police took place in the Wafati Lane area, which is not even around the Kurla Mosque.

Shahzad further said that Amish’s show has not only hurt his sentiment but has also led to an attack on the Maharashtra government as it has questioned the rules for imposing his lockdown. Shahzad Khan said that the Mumbai Police and the Muslim community were targeted with fake news of Amish Devgan and thus filed a complaint against him.

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