(Kajal Singh intern journalist):
The coronavirus has created panic all over the world. America is suffering the most in this epidemic. Meanwhile, former US President Barack Obama has taken on Donald Trump over the worsening situation. Obama has described Trump’s attitude as a chaotic disaster.
A call from Barack Obama targeting Trump has been leaked. Obama was addressing some former colleagues of his administration in a web call. In this meeting, Obama has appealed to the people to join Joe Biden, the likely candidate for Democrats in the presidential election.
In fact, Obama has spoken to about 300 people related to the Obama Alumni Association. All these people worked during Obama’s term. During this, Obama talked to the people about the current scenario and the upcoming election. During this, he also spoke about the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party.
According to the report, through this call, he told his former colleagues that the upcoming election is going to be very important at every level because we are not fighting against just one person or political party. We are fighting against the trend of being long-term selfish, seeing others as enemies, getting divided, and being chaotic.
Obama said that our response against the global epidemic is hopeless and cold. With this mentality, it has become a very chaotic disaster. In this call, Barack Obama has said that he will also campaign for Joe Biden in the coming election.
This web call of Obama was received from Yahoo News. In this, Obama has openly discussed many issues with his former colleagues. They are trying to get them together. And are united for the coming elections. Presidential elections are going to be held in November in America.
Joe Biden’s candidacy is being decided by the Democratic Party in front of President Donald Trump in the US presidential election. And now Barack Obama has also announced to openly support Biden.
Barack Obama’s attack on Donald Trump in this way has made headlines in the international media. Because usually, Barack Obama does not make any political remarks against Donald Trump. Many times Trump also took a dig at Obama, even then he did not reply.
Earlier, a long-drawn-out war between Donald Trump and Joe Biden continues. And now both will be face to face in the next election. Bernie Sanders was ahead of this race against Trump and his statements against Donald Trump were making a lot of headlines. But he had withdrawn his name.
Here, due to Coronavirus, the situation in America has deteriorated, on average there are more than a thousand deaths daily and the number of dead has exceeded 78000. These figures are constantly increasing in America.

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