( Kajal Singh, intern journalist):
New Delhi: “Bois locker Room” The mobile phone of an accused student has been recovered in connection with porn chat on ‘Boys Locker Room’ on Instagram and Delhi Police is questioning him in this regard. Explain that the police had caught this school student in connection with the Boys Locker form. Police have identified all 21 students associated with this group. It is being told that all 21 students will be questioned in this regard. After this, legal action will be taken.

Earlier on Monday, when the whole matter came to light, the Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police took and started investigating it. This case has been registered on the basis of social media reports.
Serious allegations against students

At the boys’ locker room where some school students are talking about the lives of girls from pornography to rape through indecent messages. At first glance, the messages of such students are clearly reflecting the mind-set of rape. In this regard, the Delhi Women’s Commission has also issued a notice to the Delhi Police along with Instagram when the matter comes to light. Instagram has also been ordered to provide some details by May 8. At the same time, while asking the police to take strict action, the details of the FIR against the accused involved in the case have also been sought until May 8.

This is how the whole matter came to light
Actually, #boyslockerroom trended on Twitter on Monday morning. This is the name of an account created on Instagram. On this, some school students were not only doing porn chat, but they were even talking about a gang rape by putting a photo of girls in this group. A Twitter user took screenshots of the group and posted it on social media. After this, the whole matter was revealed.

At the same time, the Delhi Police also says that in this group of school students created on Instagram, students are distributing photos of little girls. Not only this, but they are also talking obscene and objectionable words are being used. The surprising thing is that most of the students in this group study in schools.

DCP Anesh Rai said that a case has been registered with automatic cognizance. The cyber cell is investigating the case. All the information related to this group has been sought by writing a letter to Instagram. Further action will be decided based on information received from Instagram.
At the same time, Swati Maliwal, the chairperson of the Delhi Women’s Commission, has issued a notice to Instagram asking for information of the administrator and members of this group, as well as their user name and handle name, email id, IP address, location, and other information. The Commission has said that being a social media company, Instagram should have kept an eye on such acts and should have given information to the police.
Swati, the Chairman of the Commission, has given a sharp response to this. This is quite a shocking matter. Strict action should be taken immediately after arresting such boys.
Bois Locker Room is finally Kya Bala, which created a sensation on social media; Trend on twitter

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