(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): The heat broke all records on the second day of Nautapa. Scorching heat (heatwave) is going on in many cities of North and Western India. How harsh the heat is, it can be gauged from this that Churu of Rajasthan has become one of the hottest places in the world. The mercury was 50 degrees Celsius here on Tuesday. Two cities of Pakistan also had the same temperature.

At the same time, Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are also not untouched by heat. The mercury in Palam area of ​​Delhi was recorded at 47.6 degrees, the highest in 10 years. Hisar in Haryana and Banda in Uttar Pradesh have recorded 48 degree temperatures.

Rajasthan (Churu): for the second time in 10 years, mercury is 50

According to meteorologist Kuldeep Srivastava, this is the second time in 10 years when mercury in Churu was 50 degrees Celsius. Earlier on May 19, 2016, the temperature was recorded at 50.2 degrees Celsius. In many cities of Rajasthan, the municipality sprayed water on the roads. In many places, the day is starting with a temperature of 30 degrees. Hot air is blowing only at 9 am.

Delhi: Summer breaks 10-year record

There was an outbreak of heat in the capital on the second day. Palam area here recorded a temperature of 47.6. The same temperature was recorded earlier on 18 May 2010. According to the Meteorological Department, on 29 May 1944, the mercury reached Safarganj at 47.2. On May 26, 1968, the temperature in Palam was recorded at 48.4. On Thursday, due to the Western disturbance in Delhi, a strong wind can blow.

No relief in Haryana and UP too

Hisar in Haryana recorded a temperature of 48 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. Mercury reached 44 degrees in Karnal and 46 degrees Celsius in Narnaul. The mercury stood at 43.7 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Meteorological Department has advised fishermen from Kerala and Karnataka not to venture into the deep sea between May 30 and June 4. The summer phase will continue in UP for the time being. The temperature in Prayagraj on Tuesday was 47.1 degrees Celsius.

Odisha: Loo warning in 10 districts

According to HR Biswas, director of Bhubaneswar Meteorological Center, heatwaves have been issued in 10 districts of the state. Titlagarh recorded the highest temperature of 45.5 degrees in 24 hours.

Heavy rains in Assam and Meghalaya

The heatwave continues in most parts of the country. But the Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in the northeastern states of Assam and Meghalaya till 28 May.

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