( Kajal Singh intern journalist):
New Delhi: Total cases of coronavirus infection in the country have reached close to 60 thousand. The next 30 days remained relatively calm after the first case report in India. Thereafter, there was a slow increase in the number of cases. In the first 50 days, there were less than 200 positive cases in India. Cases have gained momentum since early April, and in the early days of May, there were over 2,000 case reports in India every day, which has now grown to over 3000 in the last 3-4 days.
Today is the 100th day of the coronavirus pandemic in India on 9 May. On January 30, a medical student returned from Thrissur in Kerala from Wuhan, China, and complained of fever and throat swelling. This student’s corona test came positive. This was the first case in India. Now more than 3,000 case reports are being done every day.
Rapidly increasing cases have raised the question of whether community transmission has started in India? In view of this, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is planning to start a study in about 75 districts of the country where most of the cases of Covid-19 are there, to find out if there is any community transmission in these districts. has occurred.
All these 75 districts are part of the Red Zone. It includes all the districts of Delhi, areas like Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Agra, Ahmedabad. For example, there are more than 12 thousand cases in Mumbai alone. There are more than 6 thousand cases in Delhi and 5 thousand plus cases in Ahmedabad. There are more than 2 thousand cases in Pune and Thane. There are more than 1700 cases in Indore, more than one thousand in Jaipur, more than 800-800 in Jodhpur and Surat, and more than 700 corona cases in Agra.
Meanwhile, during the last 24 hours, 3320 new cases of Coronavirus have been registered in the country while 1307 people have been cured. According to data released by the Union Health Ministry, the total coronavirus cases across the country have increased to 59662 as of Saturday morning.
There are 17846 cases in these cases which have been completely cured by defeating the Coronavirus, although this deadly virus has also killed 1981 people across the country. As of Friday morning, the total number of coronavirus cases across the country was 56342 and the number of cured people was 16539.

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