(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): China is now seen bowing at the target of many countries of the world on the issue of the Corona crisis. China is now ready to investigate the origin of this epidemic. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has told reporters that China’s door is open for international investigations into the birth of Corona, but such investigations should be free of political interference.

Spike against America:-

However, during this time the Chinese did not seem to be decreasing towards America. On the attacks of US President Donald Trump, the Chinese Foreign Minister said that American efforts to discredit China and spread rumors about the origin of Corona have failed. He also said that no lawsuit against China on the Corona issue has any legal basis.

The cases would be dismissed as baseless:-

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that any lawsuit against China on the Corona issue would be baseless in the eyes of the law. China, like other countries, has been a victim of the global epidemic. He said that such cases would not meet the test of international law. Such an exercise is false, unjust, and illegal. Those who bring such cases against China will humiliate themselves.

Prepared with the international scientific community:-

The Chinese Foreign Minister at the country’s annual parliament session alleged that China is ready to work with the international scientific community to find out the source of the virus. China believes that such investigations should be professional, impartial, and constructive further stating that impartiality here means that the investigation process should go beyond any political interference.

China is refusing to investigate:-

China has previously denied such investigations. It is believed that as the mobilization against the world is intensifying the Chinese counterpart is varying. The US has openly confronted allegations against China. The US has blacklisted 33 companies and institutions in China. At the same time, the UK also plans to reduce the company’s participation in the 5G network.

Proposal permitted by WHO:-

However, it is only as a result of pressure that in the past the member countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) agreed to investigate how the role of this agency of the United Nations was in dealing with the epidemic caused by the coronavirus. Not only this, but the proposal put forward by the European Union in this regard also passed unanimously. The proposal states that there will be an inquiry into what steps the WHO took and whether at correct timing or not.

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