(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist): The sudden change in weather late on Sunday, due to strong wind and rain, all around crores were lost. A rice mill plant on Chaubepur Bela road collapsed electric poles and trees falling. Thankfully no one victim of an accident. Fire brigade and policemen engaged in security work on information. The rice plant of the State General Secretary Vinay Shukla of Rice Millers Association has been built near Pratappur Canal on Chaubepur Bela road. The shed and machine plant room of the plant collapsed due to the storm at around 8 PM on Sunday night. The laborers working there somehow survived. 5 trucks parked outside were also damaged. Rice Mill Associator Vinay Shukla told that due to Storm the plant has a lost around 5 crores. Station President Vinay Tiwari said that no casualty was reported.

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