Today, the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus epidemic and in such a situation, tech companies are launching new features and apps in the market so that people can be made aware of this virus. On the other hand, big companies like Google and Apple have recently introduced COVID-19 exposure notification technology and with this help, the government and health agencies will get a lot of support in preventing the spread of coronavirus. At the same time, Google has introduced Sodar, a social distancing app that creates a two-meter virtual ring around the user with the help of the phone’s camera.

It is very important to maintain social distancing to prevent coronavirus infection and people are being urged to follow this rule to prevent the epidemic from growing. In such a situation, the Sodar app launched by Google will prove to be very useful. This app will give users tips for social distancing and with this help, people will be able to keep a distance of two meters between themselves. Introduced for Android users, this app will create a virtual ring around the camera of your smartphone with the help of Augmented Reality (AR).

Here’s how to use Sodar
All Android phone users can use the Sodar app designed to manage social distancing. To use this app, you can directly open it by scanning the QR code given on the Sodar website with your phone’s camera. After this, with the help of the phone’s camera, it will create a ring of two meters around. When you turn the camera towards the ground, you will have to follow two meters of distance. If someone comes inside this virtual ring then you need to be alerted.

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