Lucknow: An agent of the Hello Ride Company, who defrauded about paying a hefty amount of money on rent in the company, was sued at Hasanganj police station. Cases have also been filed against directors and agents of the company in various police stations of the city earlier.

This is the case
Advocate JP Vaishya, a resident of Baba Ka Purva in Hasanganj, put Rs 1.22 lakh into the company at the behest of his acquainted Halo Ride Company agent Ziauddin. Ziauddin told him that the bike riders in the company are paid Rs 9360 per month. For this, the company has to pay 61 thousand rupees for each bike. Being stuck in these things, he deposited the check worth 1.22 lakh in September 2018.

The company paid the rent only once in the son’s account. Under pressure, Agent Ziauddin gave a total of four checks which bounced. According to the police, the lawyer is being investigated by investigating a case against Kiara Road Phoolbagh Colony resident Hail Ride Company agent Ziauddin and his brother Fakhruddin.

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