(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern journalist) Kanpur IIT will save from China’s cyber attack. Institute’s scientists will not only research but also develop the technics, which can be used in industries, companies, or any commercial institutes to protect themselves from cyber hackers. For this, a center will be set up at IIT Kanpur with Rs 192 crore. Here startups will be developed with research. The central government constantly making efforts to strengthen the country’s border internally. The scientists of IIT Kanpur are continuously trying for cybersecurity. Research is underway to protect the critical infrastructure from cyberattacks in the high-tech lab. But industries or companies were not taking efforts directly.

To see this central government gives the order to make a center in IIT with Rs 192 crore. In this center, not only research but also technics will be developed with the help of devices and software. Startups that develop technology to avoid cyberattacks will also be given a chance to develop it. Now new startups in the center will find the solution to protect GPS data, hardware and software, and communication technics. Director, Professor Abhay Karandikar, says that the center will be made soon. Mainly The work is done here in the presence of Professor Mranindra Agarwaal and Professor Sandeep Shukla.

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