(Kajal Singh, Journalist) New Delhi: All About Malaria, Malaria is caused by mosquito bites infected with Plasmodium parasites. The question of the maximum incubation period comes to the mind of people regarding this disease. Very few people know about it. Let us first know what the incubation period is. This means the time period that occurs after the bite of an infected mosquito and before the first symptoms of the disease appear. That is, the time between the first symptoms appearing from a mosquito bite is called the thermal period.
How many types of malaria?
Most viruses have a duration between 7 and 30 days. Malaria parasites get into the patient’s blood. There are several types of malaria, such as:
• Plasmodium falciparum,
• Sodium vivax,
• Plasmodium ovale (P. Ovale)
• Plasmodium malaria (P. malaria).
The incubation period of Plasmodium falciparum is shorter and the incubation period of Plasmodium malaria is longer.

How to avoid malaria?
Municipal Health Officer Dr. Akhilesh Upadhyay told that if a person lives in an area where malaria infection is spreading enough, then he can save himself from symptoms for weeks to months by taking anti-malarial medicine. However, everyone is advised to leave such areas as soon as possible. At the same time, if any such person has returned from any such area, then he should see the doctor within 12 months.
Other measures
Along with this, some other measures should also be adopted. For example, spraying insecticide inside the house so that mosquitoes cannot come. Wear covered clothes to protect against mosquitoes, do not allow water to accumulate anywhere, as mosquitoes breed quickly in clear water, so empty the cooler and water tank, etc. once a week and dry it. Also, keep cleanliness around your house and use mosquito nets.

Apart from this, there are two other types of malaria. In this, one is considered more serious, while the other is less severe. The less severe one lasts for 6–10 hours. But this has been seen in very rare cases.
In this condition, there is a cold, fever, and sweating. With this, the patient also starts feeling weak in the body. Apart from this, the second type of malaria is considered quite severe. In this, the patient’s body parts stop working. During this time there are many problems such as abnormal behavior, seizures, coma or other neurological abnormality, severe anemia problems, difficulty in breathing, kidney and heart problems, etc. In severe malaria treatment should be done immediately and rapidly.

Dr. Upadhyay also told that this is the reason that knowing all types of malaria, timely treatment should be made for it. Especially, in times of severe malaria, the patient is most in need of medical help. If the doctor does not get treatment in time, the patient may also die. This has been seen in many cases. Therefore, malaria is considered to be the most dangerous disease caused by mosquito bites.

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