In the Corona era, Congress prepared a toolkit to discredit the government, BJP accused
New Delhi: A toolkit conspiracy was uncovered at the time of the peasant movement to siege the government. In the Corona era, a similar toolkit is becoming very viral on the internet media. The BJP alleges that Congress has prepared it for political gains. In this toolkit, Congress leaders have been given clear instructions to attack the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the same line, some leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, are also constantly making personal attacks. Every Congressman is using words like Modi variant for the new Corona variant. Photographs of burning bodies are being made available to foreign media so that the government stands in the dock.

BJP National President JP Nadda condemned this and said that Congress is adept at dividing the society and spreading poison. Congress is not losing its habit even during the epidemic period. I urge Congress to come out of the toolkit model and do some positive work.

Congress has consistently raised questions on Covid management

In the past, questions have been raised by Congress on the government’s Covid management. But for now, Congress will have to come out of the trap by itself. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra not only made the accusations but also exemplified the similarities in the word and style used in the toolkit and the words used in the model and tweet of other Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi.
The alleged toolkit contains instructions under different topics. There is a theme in it – Modi’s image. It said that Modi’s approval rating is still quite high. But this is the opportunity to demolish his image. The points suggested under it include- Questions should be asked on the internet media that make Modi stand in the dock. Patra said that all this is visible in the conduct of Congress leaders.

In the Congress toolkit, double mutants were called Indian mutants.
Rahul raises questions every morning as he wakes up and targets Prime Minister Modi. This toolkit has also suggested that to question Central Vista and call it ‘Modi’s Palace’. It says that the double mutants should be called Indian mutants and Modi mutants on the internet media. Patra said that look at Rahul’s tweets or that of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor or any other Congress leader, it proves that whatever is stated in the toolkit, the Congress is acting in the same way so as to damage the image of Modi and the country. Political gains can be made.

Foreign media also did this job well

The first page of this four-page toolkit gives details about Kumbh and states that it should be described as a super spreader so that people feel the feeling that the Hindu agenda of the BJP spread corona in the country. Foreign media has done this work well. It needs to be promoted further. At the same time, it was advised to avoid any argument of linking Kumbh with Eid. Patra said that even in the Corona era, Congress is not getting rid of the politics of religion.
On the second page of the toolkit, two photographs have also been tried to prove that Eid is a family festival of mutual love and harmony while Kumbh is a religious event.

Questions raised on Central Vista only through the toolkit
It was also said to raise questions on the use of the PM Cares Fund and the ventilators sent under it, to file separate RTIs on behalf of the activists, to deposit money opaquely through PM Cares. Questions like raising more help to Gujarat, spending 20 thousand crores in Central Vista should be raised and people should be told that there should be the talk of running a justice scheme of six thousand rupees every month for two crores of people with that much money.

These BJP leaders were targeted through a toolkit

The same toolkit also talks about using words like Missing Amit Shah, Quarantine Jaishankar, sidelined Rajnath Singh, Insensitive Nirmala, and giving emotional suggestions by writing letters to the Prime Minister from time to time.

Patra said that by looking at this toolkit of the Congress and the conduct of the Congress leaders in the past, it becomes clear how Congress has come down on the dirty politics. In the past, letters were written by leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, and Ghulam Nabi Azad. The same words are being uttered by Congress leaders as stated in the toolkit.
Congress called the toolkit fake

The case of BJP’s allegations on the alleged Internet media toolkit of Congress has reached the police station. The Congress has demanded the police to register an FIR against some other leaders of the party, including BJP president JP Nadda and spokesperson Sambit Patra, calling the BJP’s claim fake. The Congress has warned that if the Delhi Police does not register an FIR on her complaint, the party will also knock on the court door. The Congress has given a written complaint to the Delhi Police along with copies of statements and social media posts of BJP leaders regarding this alleged toolkit, demanding registration of FIRs in several sections.

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