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India appeals to Israel-Palestine to end the war in the UN, fearing violence
United Nations: India has appealed to both countries to end the war in the midst of a fierce conflict between Israel and Palestine. India’s statement has come out on the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. Breaking silence, India has appealed to both countries to maintain peace. India released its statement on the issue at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

India’s permanent representative at the United Nations, TS Tirumurthy, while taking India’s view, said that we appeal to both countries not to change the status quo unilaterally, both should maintain peace. Appearing for India at the Security Council meeting, TS Tirumurthy said, “We appeal to both sides to show extreme restraint, avoid tense escalation and avoid unilaterally changing the current status quo in East Jerusalem and its surroundings.” We do.
India’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations, TS Tirumurthy, has also feared violence in the West Bank (West Bank) due to the Israeli-Hamas fight. At the Security Council meeting, Tirumurthy said that Gaza, which started in East Jerusalem and other parts of the west coast, is expected to spread. Time demands that this fight should stop immediately or else the situation will get out of hand.

India also spoke on the death of an Indian woman

India, while speaking at the United Nations, strongly condemned the attacks on Israeli residential areas from the Gaza Strip. TS Tirumurthy said that several people have died in the attacks on behalf of Gaza, including an Indian woman Soumya Santhosh. TS Tirumurthy further said that we express our condolences to all those who lost their lives in this violence, including the Indian woman, and hope that this bloody game will now stop.