(Juhi Aishwary, Intern Journalist): The hearing in the Supreme Court has been postponed in which the petition has been changed to change the English name of the country from ‘India (India)’ to ‘Bharat’ (Bharat). The court has not given any further date for hearing this petition. The Chief Justice of India SA Bobde (SA Bobde) was to hear the matter as he was on leave today, so the hearing of the case was adjourned.

The plea to change the country’s English name India (INDIA) was to be heard in the court today. Petitioner Namah has raised objections to the country’s English name ‘India’ and has urged the Supreme Court to change it to ‘India’. Petitioner Namah (Namah) has requested the court to change the English name of the country from India to India. 

The name of the country is ‘India’ as a sign of slavery

In the petition presented by the petitioner before the court, it has been said that the English name of the country is the symbol of the word India slavery. Therefore, the name of the country should be one.

Amendment in the constitution

The petitioner says that by amending Article 1 of the Constitution, the English name of the country, India, should be removed. The country should be recognized from its original and authentic name. The petition says that the deletion of the English name will keep our nationality proud, especially future generations.

The name of the country ‘Bharat’ due to Maharaj Bharata

Maharaja Bharata expanded the country completely and that is why the name of the country joined him and became ‘Bharat’. Subsequently, people from Turks and Iran came here in the middle Ages and entered the Indus Valley. All these used to pronounce ‘H’ which made Hindustan the country of Hindus. But when the British made India their slave, they named this country India on the basis of Indus Valley i.e. Indus Valley.

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