(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): Irrfan Khan said goodbye to the world a month ago. Now his loved ones and his close friends are sharing their memories with people. Now its a month past Irfan Khan’s death, his wife Sutapa wrote an emotional note for him on Facebook. At the same time, a friend of him from Jaipur also shared many memories related to him and has alleged things of Irrfan Khan, which hardly anyone knows till now.

Irrfan’s friend Ziaullah shared memories associated with Jaipur and told how Irfan used to live and how happy he was when he came to Jaipur. He further stated that Irfan Khan had helped the poor even during the coronavirus crisis and wanted no one to be acknowledged. So he never announced it.

Ziaullah said, “We were collecting funds to help people during the coronavirus. Not only Irfan’s brother but also Irfan Khan readily agreed to help and provide financial help for the poor. He said that no one should know that they have helped. According to his family, he believes that even the right hand should not know that the left hand has given something. According to him, it is more important to help.”

At the same time, his wife also wrote a Facebook post a month after the actor’s death and shared a picture with Irrfan. With these photos, Sutapa wrote, “There is an empty field far ahead of every right and wrong from here. I’ll meet you there. When our soul rests on the grass and the world will be tired of talking. This is just a matter of time. Will meet and talk. Till we see you again.” 

Irfan Khan died on 29 April 2020. He was struggling with neuroendocrine tumors.

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