(Kajal Singh intern journalist): This illegal exchange was busted in a joint operation conducted by the Mumbai Crime Branch and Jammu Kashmir Military Intelligence.

Three SIM boxes, one standby SIM box, 191 SIM card, laptop modem, antenna, battery, and connector have been recovered in this operation.

Jammu: In the Union Territory of Ladakh, where the forces of India and China are face to face, the Jammu Kashmir Military Intelligence, and Mumbai Crime Branch have vandalized an illegal VoIP exchange in Mumbai. It is worth noting that in the month of May this year, several soldiers and officers associated with the security forces received calls from some suspicious telephone numbers, in which important information related to Ladakh and important defense establishment was sought from them.

Let me tell you that this month many army officers and soldiers received calls from many suspicious numbers, in which important information related to Ladakh and defense establishment was sought from them. The people who made these telephone calls told their fake identity, so the role of ISI, in this case, cannot be denied.

Investigations have so far revealed that in such VoIP exchanges being run in Mumbai, calls coming from Pakistan were routed to local numbers, after which efforts were being made to gather intelligence from the officers and soldiers associated with the security forces.

In this exchange, international voice calls were converted into local calls through SIM boxes made in China. These boxes made in China used a dynamic IMEI system, which makes tracking them very difficult. This system has been declared illegal by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Till now the investigation has also revealed that the telecom department has lost crores of rupees through these exchanges.

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