(Geetesh Ujjainwal, Intern Journalist) New Delhi: Swarm of locusts has now reached the Indira Gandhi international airport, Delhi after entering Gurugram this morning.  The government had issued a high alert. According to special sources at the airport (IGI Airport), all airline companies have been made aware of the troubles caused by locusts before the planes take off and before their landing. To create awareness regarding this issue pesticides were sprayed in the nearby villages and agricultural fields, to avoid the gathering of a swarm of locusts at the airport.

In Delhi, from the ministry of agriculture to the ministry of aviation, this issue became the topic of discussion for every department, to find the solution to this problem becomes the priority. Delhi environment minister Gopal Rai called the meeting to discuss the situation. Saturday, morning swarm of locusts were seen flying over the agricultural fields in Gurugram. When the people who were living in the residential colonies in the nearby area saw that swarm of locusts, got disturbed and some of them shoot videos on there phone.

Advisory by the Agricultural Scientific Center has been issued earlier on the swarm of locusts migrating from Pakistan. An instruction as been issued to beat dhol and drums to keep them off. The District Magistrates of South, West, and southwest districts in Delhi have been asked to be on high alert.

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