(Kajal Singh intern journalist): According to the police, a father kills son by drowning him in the river the accused became unemployed due to the lockdown and was unable to raise the family. Troubled by this, the accused killed the son by immersing him in the river.

Balaghat: The poor are facing the worst casualties due to the lockdown implemented to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. Another case of this has come up in Madhya Pradesh. A 37-year-old man, allegedly unemployed in MP’s Balaghat, killed his eight-year-old son by tying both his hands and drowning them in the Wainganga River, upset over not getting food.

A father kills son by drowning him in river,

After the incident, the accused reached the police station.
After committing the murder, the accused father first went to his house and after telling that the son was drowned in the river by the house and then reached the police station and informed about the murder. After which the police arrested him. Kotwali police station in-charge Vijay Singh Paraste said that Sunil Jaiswal, who lives in the Saraswati Nagar area of the city, killed his son Prateek Jaiswal by drowning in the river.

Police recovered the dead body
He said that after committing the murder, the accused himself reached the police station of Kotwali and informed about the whole episode. Paraste said that after the information given by him, the police reached the spot and recovered the body of the child. Both the hands of the child were tied backward.

Killed due to inability to raise a family
He said that a case under section 302 (murder) has been registered against the accused father in the case. Paraste said that the accused father said in his statement to the police that he had no work due to the lockdown. Hence, his son was killed for being unable to raise his family.

The accused used to remain tense due to unemployment so.
He said that the accused said that he wanted to end his dynasty by killing the son. According to the family, the accused was often under stress due to lack of work. According to the information received from the police, it was also the birthday of the elder daughter of the accused, who is 10 years old. For which in the name of taking the cake, the accused father came out of the house with his son.

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