(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Lucknow: BSP chief Mayawati, who was rebelled by a few MLAs, sowed the seeds of new equations in state politics. In the recent Rajya Sabha election, the SP broke six of his MLAs, saying that the BSP would not even hesitate to support the Bharatiya Janata Party to teach SP President Akhilesh Yadav a lesson in the Legislative Council elections.
Although Mayawati sensed the loss of this statement, taking a U-turn, has clarified that even if she retires from politics, she will not tie-up with the BJP.

Now the important question is, can Mayawati’s U-turn restore her previous status? Probably not. It is difficult for most Muslims who consider the vote against the BJP to return with the Blue Brigade. In such a situation, drumming in the Sapai camp is inevitable. The political pundits sitting there are doing the math that the Congress is not in that position in the state so that Muslims should substitute it. In such a situation, the Muslim, who was angry with the BSP, will come to the SP while pasting. It is also possible that Muslims unilaterally walk to strengthen Akhilesh.

Now, look at the drum playing in the SP courtyard from another point of view.
Experts believe that this situation will be most beneficial for the BJP because it is very likely that by looking at the path of Muslims on the path of polarization during the assembly elections. That polarization can also be beneficial for the BJP because the saffron party, with its work and policies, has made a big dent in the SP’s backward and BSP’s Dalit vote bank. The results of the last two Lok Sabha and one assembly elections are also proof of this.

Now talk about BSP chief Mayawati.
After all, how did she reach such a fork? In fact, the Bahujan Samaj Party, which entered the politics of the state 36 years ago, won majority power in the year 2007. After losing power in 2012, the party was reduced to zero in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The Dalit-Muslim alliance of the BSP could not do any good after the failure of the Dalit-Brahmins social engineering formula, in which Mayawati won 206 assembly seats in 2007 and secured the chief minister’s chair for the fourth time.

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