Lucknow: A total of 124 vehicles were challaned in overspeeding by the Lucknow Police Commissionerate’s traffic police in a checking campaign conducted against speed-over-speed vehicles at three of the three locations daily from 8 – 6 – 2020 to 24 – 6 – 2020 in June. A fine of ₹ 96000 was levied. Even today, speed checking was carried out near Jiyamau, Tikona Tiraha Para and on the Shaheed Path.
Suresh Chandra Rawat
Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lucknow

NGO affiliated to Kanpur IIT referred by the government to strengthen the Lucknow Commissionerate’s traffic system
Seth Saga is in the form of a pilot project by Infinite Private Limited from Mawiya Chouraha Alambagh to the airport, why traffic rules are often violated by people. An app named Vitras has been created by them. L Linked to mobile camera. A total of 7 people of NGO are roaming from place to place and collecting videos violating traffic rules. 1-week survey has been started from 23.06-2020. Today, the survey was taken after talks with NGO head Atul Rajkotia at Barabirawa intersection.

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