(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist) The Oxford Covid-19 vaccine has started its trial in Volunteer. The vaccine is considered to be safe, also for people of the weak immune system. The ChAdOx1 vaccine based on Adenovirus.

It is used on the Brazilian trial, on 5000 volunteers, which is the same as used in the U.K, and South Africa. The Vaccine caused mild infection in the upper respiratory tract.

The removal of some of the adenovirus couldn’t spread through the body which makes it safe in a weak immune system. As it is a live virus, it is good for inducing a strong immune response after vaccination, said by Professor Sarah Gilbert, Nuffield department of medicine, Oxford University.

The vaccine developed by Oxford is currently on trial. If the Oxford vaccine is successful then they will aim in producing multiple vaccines. 4000 participants have enrolled in the clinical trial and addition 10000 participants have planned. The ChAdOx1 vaccine has licensed by AstraZeneca.

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