(Kajal Singh intern journalist): The cowardly and shameful act of the Pakistani Army has been revealed. In one video, Pakistani soldiers are seen shelling from a residential house.

New Delhi: The Pakistani army’s cowardly act is going to tell News for the first time. How does the Pakistan Army cover its own civilians and firing on India? How instead of their posts, Pakistani soldiers fire mortar from Indian homes in residential areas.

This is only because of the Indian Army retaliates, then Pakistani citizens and their homes are damaged, so that Pakistan can propagate against the Indian Army on the international stage.
This 28-second exclusive video is from Pakistan across the LoC. In the video, a house appears on a mountain. In the background, Allah Hu Akbar and Nara-e-Takbir. A few seconds later, there is a sound of mortar being fired from the roof of the house, which explodes after going a considerable distance.

The sound of ‘Shabash’ comes in the background. But at the end of the video, two Pakistani army personnel are seen in the roof from which the shell has been fired. A third Pakistani Army soldier stood close to the roof. This third jawan appears when a civilian runs from the roof. It is clear from the video that the Pakistani Army does firing from its residential areas in the Indian border.

But the question may arise in your mind that if the Pakistani army is firing from its own civilian houses, violating the ceasefire against India, then what can be objected to India or anyone else, or why should it object? We are going to tell you the story behind the video.

In fact, the Indian Army has a radar prepared by the DRDO, which gives it the right coordinate of the area from which the enemy is firing or firing. With the help, the Indian Army marks that area of the enemy and the Indian soldiers fire their cannon or mortar at exactly the same place. This destroys the enemy firing area. In such a situation, if firing is coming from a Pakistani house, then the Coordinates will also come from there and the firing of the Indian Army will also take place at the same house.

In such a situation, if Pakistani houses will be ruined or civilian casualties in the shelling of the Indian Army, then the Pakistani army and the Pakistani government start cutting it. If the Pakistani Foreign Ministry is harmed by the firing of the Indian Army, then immediately it summons a big diplomat of the Indian Embassy in Islamabad to start protesting. At the same time, the United Nations or its supported groups such as the UN MOGIP i.e. United Nations Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan, informs the internationalization of the whole matter.

According to sources, the Pakistani army does not fire from its posts and bunkers so that if there is firing or shelling from the Indian side, the Pakistani soldiers will be safe. Let me tell you that on Wednesday, the Pakistani army fired on the LoC with small-arms and mortar firing in the Kirni and town sector of Poona district.

But when the Indian Army retaliated, the Pakistan Army’s media wing, ISPR (Inter-Service Public Relations), tweeted that the Indian Army had lost three innocent civilian casualties in the Nikayal sector.

Shortly thereafter, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry summoned a senior diplomat of the Indian embassy to protest against the civilians injured in the firing of the Indian Army in the Nikayal sector. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry issued a press release calling for India till the 2003 ceasefire treaty and alleged that more than 1100 ceasefire violations have been done by the Indian side so far this year i.e. from January 1 to May 20.

While the Indian Army believes, the reality is that Indian soldiers retaliate against the firing and shelling of Pakistan and never start firing. In this press release, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry did not give up its rant on Kashmir. Before Wednesday, that is, on Monday also, the Pakistani army made a similar charge.

Highly placed sources in the Indian Army told about the video that it is clear how the Pakistan Army not only pawns its own citizens to defame and propagate India and the Indian Army but also on India For firing and firing, it uses a shield-cover, which does not suit any professional-army.

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