Police order harassment destroyed law and order in the state
Instead of fighting the epidemic, mosque disinflation somewhere in government protection and mob lynching somewhere

Planned demolition of mosque in Khatauli after Barabanki

Police order harassment destroyed law and order in the state

The Rihai Manch will meet the victims for the investigation and legal action of oppression and oppression under the protection of power in the state.

Lucknow 28 May 2021: Rihai Manch held the state government responsible for the demolition of the mosque in Khatauli after Barabanki. He said that the people of the country are dying of corona and Yogi-Modi is doing communal politics and electoral maneuvers. The team of the forum will meet the victims to investigate and take legal action against the oppression and oppression under the protection of power in the state.

Rihai Manch president Muhammad Shuayb said that instead of fighting the Corona epidemic, mosques are being demolished to hide and polarize their failures and Muslims are being made victims of communal attacks. The administration targeted the mosque at Khatauli in Muzaffarnagar after Barabanki, despite a stay by the High Court until 31 May 2021, openly in contempt of court.

Rihai Manch General Secretary Rajiv Yadav said that the police in Bangarmau, Unnao, was accused of beating and beating 18-year-old vegetable vendor Faisal. Yasir of Azamgarh in Moradabad in the name of pleading for flagging in support of Palestine, beating of Hafiz Ishaq in Bareilly, killing Hafiz Ishaq in Bareilly, killing Merajuddin, Mukim, and Anshu Dixit in Chitrakoot jail in Moradabad There is a series of incidents like Akhtar’s arrest. It is clear that these incidents are not a coincidence but under a planned conspiracy.

A video of a young man being beaten up in Jalaun’s town of Kotwali area went viral on social media with six-seven youths not only beating him with kicking bribes but also being urinated on by an attacker. In Jogi Nawada of Bareilly Police Station Varadari, the police have been accused of throwing nails in the hands and feet of a young man for not wearing a mask. In Rae Bareli, the police have been accused of beating up five youths in the garrison and taking them to the police station in Mau, Mohammadabad police station.

Rihai Manch said that in Corona we saw people dying due to lack of oxygen, ventilator, medicine, hospital, while trying to hide Yogi-Modi’s Varanasi model again by hiding the government’s failure. It is a shameless attempt to tell that the dead bodies buried on the banks of the rivers are part of the custom. In this episode, Yogi ji should also tell that if it is a custom, then what is the tradition of removing the Pitambara above him. The truth is that there have been reports of burial of dead bodies by the police on the banks of the rivers. When pictures came in the media about how the dead bodies were landing in the Ganges, buried, then the government was awakened. With this, the common man has come to know that the government has no worries about his health. During Yogi Adityanath’s visit to Jhansi, when the doctors wanted to meet him in the context of improving the system in the medical college, he was detained by the police. Doctors said in the demand letter that it is often seen that medicines are provided only when there is an administrative visit. In such a situation, adequate quantity of medicines should be made available in the medical college. This shows that the government is not serious about the epidemic even in this difficult situation.

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