( Kajal Singh intern journalist): Railways has made a big announcement. The railway has canceled all the tickets booked by the passengers till June 30.
New Delhi: Normal railway service in the country will not start. Railways have canceled all tickets booked for travel on or before 30 June 2020. All tickets booked till 30 June 2020 have been refunded. However, all special and labor special trains will run as per their time.
Railway had earlier canceled the tickets for trains till 17 May. Now the railways have announced the cancellation of all tickets by June 30. Actually, the third phase of lockdown in the country is coming to an end on 17 May. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also indicated the fourth phase of lockdown in the name of the country on 12 May. Lockdown-4 is likely to begin from May 18.
All special and labor special trains will continue
The government has stopped general rail services to prevent coronavirus infection. But all special and labor special trains will continue to operate. The government has issued an order that all the tickets reserved for general train journeys have been canceled till June 30, but special trains will continue to run to send workers to their homes.
Express trains will run across the country from May 22
Due to the lockdown, the railway is currently running special trains in the country. The movement of normal trains is closed. After running the special train, the railway is now preparing to run mail and express trains. Also, passengers will now be able to book waiting tickets. Till now, passengers could only book confirmed tickets for the special train journey. But for trains running from May 22, passengers will be able to book waiting tickets from May 15. Ticket booking counters at stations will remain closed and no counter tickets including platform tickets will be issued. However, the railway has not yet released the schedule of trains.

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