Sherpa, who climbed Everest for a record 25 times, pulled back after a dream, know why
Kathmandu: 51-year-old Kami Rita Sherpa, who has climbed the world’s highest peak 25 times, is now a little apprehensive about whether he will be able to go to this peak or not. He is saying this because of a dream. In fact, he says that he had a dream when he was preparing to go to this peak in the West Kawm Valley with his client for the 26th time. They do not tell anything about what happened in this dream. All he says is that he feels that the Goddess does not want him to go to this peak this time. He told the media that he feels that Devi is refusing to let him visit Everest again and is saying that enough is enough. So he came back on the way and did not go further.

Kami Rita Sherpa
Kami Rita Sherpa

Let me tell you that Kami Rita Sherpa has made a new world record by breaking his own record of going to Everest. When he climbed the 25th Everest, he was accompanied by 11 more Sherpas whose job was to fix the ropes. Now he is not as confident about his next Everest ascent. They are just saying that perhaps this is the wish of the Mother Goddess. However, he also said that if everything goes well, he will climb Everest next year. It is worth noting that for the first time in 1953, Edmund Hillary of New Zealand conquered this peak with Tenzing Sherpa.

It is important to tell you here that Sherpa worships Everest like any goddess. Before starting the climb, they perform a puja, in which they apologize to the goddess for stepping on the hill. Climbers from all over the world turn to sail to conquer this world’s largest peak. The climbers who come here are also the biggest source of income in Nepal. These climbers need many things to go to Everest.

For this, they need a lot of men. This is where Sherpa comes in handy. Sherpas are considered worthy of climbing this skyscraper. The stocky body helps them in this work. They carry essential goods to the summit of Everest. However, these are jawans who are not mentioned and who are behind in the queue. But the truth is that without them, conquering Everest is far-fetched.

Sherpa is also included as a guide in trekking camps held here. Ever since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic across the world, Everest climbing had stopped here. But this time a large number of climbers are reaching here to conquer it. In the last two months, hundreds of climbers have started climbing it. You may be surprised to know that at any time more than one thousand climbers including Sherpa are present in the base camp here. The climber has to pay around eight lakh rupees for its climb. Apart from this, about 30 lakh rupees are spent on this campaign.

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