(Kajal Singh intern journalist): In Bihar, 27 lakh laborers are engaged in a factory, construction, or other work in different parts of the country. But due to the lockdown, most laborers do not have work. But now the people of Bihar have jointly prepared a special app to help them.
Patna: Due to the Coronavirus, patients across the country no longer have work. Now the workers are returning to their village. In such a situation, some people of Bihar have jointly launched a website and mobile application to help these laborers. Through this website named iBihar, direct help can be provided to the trapped laborers of Bihar across the country. That is, any common person can send money directly to the account of registered laborers on this website. These people can also send money to more than one laborer at one click.
A member of the group that created this website said, 27 lakh laborers of Bihar work in different parts of the country. Now they do not have work because of the lockdown. This app has been created to help them. Workers are being identified through different networking systems and they are being linked to this app. So far, around 2500 laborers have been helped.
He said that such laborers have also been identified who do not have the facility to download the app on their mobile phones or who do not have bank accounts. Such laborers are also being identified through networking.
All transactions are recorded on this website. One can check the name of the donor or the information of the worker. The information about which person sent money to which laborer is also present on the site.

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