Demand to issue a statutory warning for scenes of female violence in films More than 1.25 lakh people supported their petition

New Delhi, an online petition demanding Breakthrough to issue a statutory warning for violence against women in films, has also received support from the film Thappad, directed by Anubhav Sinha and starring Taapsee Pannu. So far, over 1.25 lakh people have given their support to this petition. Team Thappad has released a video in support of the petition demanding the censor board to give disclaimers for scenes of domestic violence against women in the film. In the video, Taapsee is seen saying that in films, the disclaimer comes for alcohol, cigarettes and animal cruelty, but not for slap, slap is a small thing in front of them all if you think that slap is a big thing In addition to alcohol and cigarettes, if the disorder of domestic violence also comes, please sign the petitions. Slap is not the only thing. to the breakthrough this culture of violence against women in popular media, this online petition has been launched by Mahika Banerjee, demanding the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Central Board of Film Certification that Disclaimers in films be introduced to women. Violence is a legal offense. ”Has requested to be made compulsory. This petition is being run in collaboration with
In the context of the petition, Breakthrough President and Chief Executive Officer, Sohini Bhattacharya states that “I am delighted that our petition was supported by a team slap launched for a statutory warning for scenes of violence happening on screen with women.” And they have raised this important issue in an effective way. We hope that in the coming films soon, such kind of distill Camer will see us.


He said that we believe that we will be able to make violence against women a rejection for all by bringing about a change in the culture of violence against women through popular culture and community-based actions so that they can be treated with respect, equality, and justice. To live.

He further said that Breakthrough has long been working to end gender-based violence. For this, we have worked to change the culture of violence against women by reaching the ground level through media as well as programs like video vans, training, night chapel. In this sequence, the breakthrough has been brought among the common people by taking effective steps on this important issue of onscreen violence so that they too can understand the seriousness of the issue and give their support or Rejects violence.

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