> Street photography or live sketching left a mark in the audience’s mind

> BJMC hit the hat-trick as a batch of the year

Lucknow, Saturday evening mouth-watering Dishes, the enthusiasm of the youth Filmy carol DJ’s melodious music glowing bloomy lights an attractive scene, the intimate fest night of Techno Group of Institutions at Anura Kala, which was attended by the majority of college students Antarang fest having events such as cricket, volley-ball, towing rope, rangoli, creative writing, and photography exhibitions in this fest.

These were the main attractions

The beauty of the paintings and art gallery created by the students of the BFA adorned on the campus attracted everyone in their own way, with the viewer looking at the paintings and sketches made by Kanika, Anjana and Radha Raj of the BFA, the audience was forced by itself to take pictures with them. The exhibition of photography was also organized by the students of BJMC, in which the pictures of Sachin, Ashutosh, and Kuldeep of BJMC were found to be much appreciated.

BJMC hat-trick on Batch of the Year trophy

Antarang most awaited award ceremony which one batch is awarded the Batch of the Year trophy, in which the BJMC, who has been winning for the last three years, has got its name registered on the Trophy of the Batch of the Year this time, Professor Amit Singh and Vinay Kumar of BJMC On stage seeing on stage holding the batch of the year trophy in the hands after that the entire campus erupted with the thunderous applause of the students of BJMC chairman R.K Agarwal, Managing Director Rishi Agarwal along with other teachers were also present in the program.

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