(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): On Friday, US President Donald Trump once again brought China and WHO into the dock with respect to the worldwide corona epidemic. The US has already stopped funding of WHO. Now Trump has spoken of ending all relationships with the World Health Organization. He said that we will give WHO quota funds to any other organization working in the health sector. The US president also tried to surround China on the issue of Hong Kong.

Trump said that China has full control over the World Health Organization. Whereas China gives him $ 40 million and the US gives $ 450 million to WHO in a year. Both did not listen to our demands, so we are ending the relationship with WHO. China hid the Wuhan virus and allowed it to spread worldwide. It has caused 1 lakh deaths in the US. More than 1 million died in the world. Trump said on Thursday that Coronavirus is China’s bad gift to the world.

China accused of spying and stealing information

The US president also accused China of long-term spying and stealing industrial information. Trump said that today through his announcement, I will talk about protecting America’s important research in a better way. We will prohibit entry of some citizens of China identified as foreign risks into the US.

China refuses promise on Hong Kong

Trump said, “The Chinese government has taken decisions that damage Hong Kong’s honor.” It is a tragedy for the people of Hong Kong and China as well as for the world. China turned hostile, promising two systems. Now there is a country, a system. Therefore, the US will change its policies on Hong Kong and give it special status. We will change the travel advisory for Hong Kong in view of China’s growing threat there. ”

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