(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has denied the allegations of interfering in the presidential election by US President Donald Trump. Dorsey tweeted on Wednesday, “As a company, I am responsible for the fact check. Please leave this work to our employees. We will keep telling wrong and disputed information about elections around the world. If we make a mistake, we will accept it too.”

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey
CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey

On Tuesday, Trump expressed his displeasure on Twitter for denying his statement on mail-in ballots. He said that Twitter wants to stop free speech altogether. As President, I will not allow this to happen.

It is important for us to be fairer: Dorsey

Dorsey said in another tweet on Thursday that doing a fact check does not make us “negotiators of the truth”. Our intention is to add a link to controversial statements and show such information. By doing this, people will be able to do justice to these statements themselves. It is important for us that we have been fairer. In such a situation, people themselves will understand why we have done any fact-checking.

Why Fact Check Labels On Trump’s Two Twits?

He spoke about Twitter’s Civic Integrity Policy. It explained why two of Trump’s tweets on May 26 were labeled as fact checks. According to company rules, misleading information about voting on its platform, documents used for it cannot be given. At the same time, misleading information about the timing and dates of elections and other civic processes cannot be given.

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