(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): In the US, Indian entrepreneur Deven Parekh is working to raise funds for the future presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party. Parekh has also joined other entrepreneurs in raising funds through virtual means. Parekh, managing director of Insight Partners, also raised funds for former US President Barack Obama. Parekh served on the board of directors of Overseas Private Investment Corporation during Obama’s reign.

¬†Former US Vice President Joe Biden has emerged as the strongest candidate from the Democratic Party in this year’s presidential election. In the November elections, his contest is being decided against the current President and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

During the fundraising program, Biden said that if Trump had been serious, the Coronavirus infection in America would not have killed such a large number of people.

Biden took a jibe at Trump saying that there are less than six months left for the election to take place, but Trump has been collecting donations since he was elected President in 2016. He then began criticizing Trump’s leadership during the epidemic.

He said that if Trump had taken the Coronavirus seriously, fewer Americans would have died. Let us know that most of the coronavirus patients have come out in the world and death has also occurred here. More than 16 lakh cases have been reported in the country so far and more than 93 thousand people have died. Biden acknowledged the anxious times that the country, especially those living in New York, praised them for donating them even during the time of this greatness, and urged them to do so further.

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