(Geetesh Ujjainwal, Intern Journalist) New Delhi: The strike continued on the 2nd day against the delayed salaries of doctors and nurses of Hindu Rao hospital. In this NDMC run hospital,19 coronavirus infected patients have been admitted. Director of resident doctors association, Dr. Abhimanyu Sardana of Hindu Rao hospital has been reported saying that the air conditioning equipment in the hospital is not working properly and since April their salaries were not paid. He further added that the strike was started in the morning at 9:30 am and continued till 2:00 pm.

NDMC officials have given assurance to solve this problem as soon as possible they said that the arrangements have been made for the health workers involved in the COVID-19 care to stay at the park hotel in Connaught Place. On the 14th of June as per the government orders the hospital has been converted into the COVID-19 treatment facility. On Saturday 2 patients of COVID-19 were admitted to the hospital.

In the last few months, six health workers of Hindu Rao hospital were confirmed to be infected by COVID-19. These health workers came into contact with COVID-19 patients. The officials had told that these employees along with 63 others have been placed in Quarantine because they have come into contact with the COVID-19 patient who has come for the dialysis at the hospital which is operated by North Delhi municipal corporation.

North Delhi mayor, Avatar Singh has inspected the hospital. Officials have earlier told that the 7 doctors and 10 health workers of Hindu Rao hospital have been infected by COVID-19.

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