(Suparna Ghosh, Intern Journalist): Women are the gift of God. People say that women have the power to repeat generations after generations and that is certainly amazing as well as astounding. It’s a matter of honor and also admirable to a great extent. The pain that they bear while giving birth to a child is totally immeasurable or rather undeterminable.

Womanhood at a point of time gets turned into motherhood and this is where the pain suffered becomes worth it. They are raped, abused, tortured, yet they rise and soar succumbing to the injuries, and don’t you think it’s an act of sheer bravery?
Pain is certainly something abstract that can only be felt and hence here comes the speciality of a woman that they can battle every pain with just a tinge of smile on their face. Women or womanhood or motherhood, in particular, are subject to pain whether emotional or physical, and of course, enduring that amount of baggage is definitely an exemplification of both courage and integrity!

Womanhood is such a pleasant thing to feel and relish, henceforth the universe is in need of such priceless possessions.

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