(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist): In this time, Men and women have equal rules and rights. But all the rules and rights are only in government books. The present condition is different from our thinking. Mainly, the girls who belong to the village area are not able to know about her freedom. Lack of a good education system is a big cause for the bright future of girls. Marriage in a small age is also a bad thing for a girl.

Not to have the freedom by society, is the biggest pain for women. Society judge a girl by her dressing, over-talking, and a lot of reasons. If a girl carries a short dress, Society calls her characterless. If she speaks for her rights, Society tells her to keep quiet.

Most of the girls are not allowed to go outside of her house late at night. They can not go out without any reason. A woman passes through much-unexpected behavior like torture, rape, depression, and many other uncountable reasons.

A girl has too much patience. But when she is not able to do any work according to her desire, she probably breaks inside. All unexpected things which she hates, after addition, make a big pain for her. This pain is unbearable for a girl or woman.

So for girl’s freedom we have to come in front of society and trying to change the mentality. We have to encourage the girls and women. Because without girl’s power it is not possible for a good future.


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