(Riya Singh, Intern Journalist): One can witness that since the historical era wherein two situations, which I acknowledge were extremely wrong and therefore are not part of our present society, are Sati and Jauhar which proved that women had the endurance to go through pain.

A woman’s body during puberty goes through a lot of changes. One such change is menstruation which is a lot more painful than a man can ever imagine. Also, the immense amount of pain that a mother goes through while delivering the child is just impossible to measure.

A woman is emotionally drained when she’s judged at every step that she wants to take for herself. Be it the choice of being a single mother or ending her marriage because she’s not happy, she is judged by society. Every woman is bound to leave her house after marriage which is a painful phase to go through. When she can leave her parents after marriage and go through such emotional pain then there is no other sort of pain that she can’t go through.

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