(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Recently, a crowd of migrant laborers had gathered in Bandra itself a few days ago. At that time many questions were raised on the elements of administration and government. Once again the rules of administration have been dismantled.
Mumbai: A large crowd of migrant laborers gathered at Bandra East Terminus in Mumbai. Thousands of laborers arrived here to catch the train. It is being said that the train will be going from Bandra Terminus to UP and Bihar. This crowd had gathered at 9 am. A train has left. It will leave at four in the evening. It was said that those who have passed will go only, but on hearing many people gathered.
A few days ago, thousands of migrant laborers gathered in Bandra, Mumbai. After this, the police had to use light force. There were also questions on the administration and the elements of the government. Now gathering of a similar crowd is raising questions on the arrangements of the administration.
In fact, on May 19, a special labor train from Bandra Terminus was going to Purnea in Bihar. Passengers nearby were checked and allowed inside the station. At 12 noon, a train left with 1700 laborers and their families.

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