(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): More than 26 thousand deaths have occurred in care homes in the US from Corona. This has been claimed in the report of top health agencies CDC and CMS. It also states that this figure of deaths may be higher because 80% of care homes in America are reported.

It also means that one-third of Corona deaths in the US have occurred in care homes. This report has been prepared for all the governors of America so that they remain vigilant further. 60 thousand cases have been reported in care homes. There are 15,400 care homes in the country.

Care homes deteriorated due to corona

The figures given in the report are as of May 24. CDC director Robert Redfield and CMS Administrator Seema Verma said the data and reports from across the country clearly show that care homes are in a bad condition due to the virus. There have been 18,59,597 cases in the US so far. While 1,06,927 deaths have occurred.

Singapore: 94% of infection cases in dormitory

In Singapore, 94% of corona patients are found in a dormitory. There are about 2 lakh migrant workers in 43 dormitories here. Now the government is going to make several dormitories separately for one lakh migrant workers here. The Ministry of National Development has confirmed this.

Overseas workers in Singapore involved in construction and domestic work

There are 1.4 million migrant workers in Singapore. Most of the workers are involved in construction and domestic work. Due to lack of space, up to 20 people have to stay in each room of each dormitory. There have been 35,292 cases in Singapore. While 544 deaths have occurred.

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