Lucknow. These two lines are an accurate commentary on Indian politics. As soon as the elections come, the way political parties and their leaders make promises to woo the voters, a new word ‘Revdi culture’ is in a discussion. The discussion on ‘Revdi’, a program organized on Wednesday at Hotel Ranvijay International in Matiyari, started under the chairmanship of social worker Dr. Anil Kumar Jain. He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party has to be brought all over India and the 2024 Lok Sabha and 5 state elections should be taken as the priority.

anil kumar jain radiant awadh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will have to be prepared for a massive victory and Dr. Anil Kumar Jain also said in his address that just as the opposition is doing politics of Revdi, similarly BJP will have to do politics of Revdi and should do so too.

Then somewhere in 2024, we will get a winner with huge votes, if this does not happen then the vote percentage may also decline. And said that Modi ji should give an equal number of Revdis like the opposition and should not declare any of his own Revdis in advance. While facing questions from the journalists, Dr. Jain told all the achievements of the BJP and said that this was the reason for why BJP gets victory.

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