Benefits of Mosambi: There is a need to increase immunity during the Corona crisis. In such a situation, seasonal is very beneficial. Doctors believe that it is better to consume seasonal fruits than to drink seasonal juice. Seasonal contains beneficial elements like minerals, vitamin C, fiber, and potassium, which not only help in fighting diseases but also improve our health.

Think of it as seasonal: its scientific name is citrus limetta. It is a fruit of lemon species but is many times more beneficial than lemon. Its fruit can remain safe for a month without spoilage.

A seasonal, many advantages

It detoxifies the body. Toxins are released from the body by drinking it.
Its juice is good enough for the eyes. It protects your eyes from infections due to antioxidant and antibacterial reasons.

Seasonal contains dietary fiber which is useful for people suffering from constipation. Therefore, it should be eaten directly instead of juice.
Symptoms such as swelling of the gums, frequent flu, colds, and cleft lips are due to scurvy. Seasonal in this is quite beneficial.

Seasonal eating causes digestive juices in the stomach, which helps in digesting food quickly. It contains potassium which is beneficial in stomach upset, dysentery, and diarrhea.

Seasonal is also beneficial in skin-related diseases. Applying its peels on nail-pimples is beneficial. At the same time, blood is cleaned by its use and the skin,
The color also shines In diabetes, its intake along with amla and honey is beneficial.
Seasonal contains vitamin C, which increases your immunity and helps fight diseases. It is quite useful during the corona crisis. This reduces cholesterol and also relieves the problem of blood pressure.

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