Black Fungus in Covid patients
Black Fungus in Covid patients

Black Fungus Alert: Injection of Black Fungus in Lucknow missing from Amphotericin-B market, consuming 64 doses for complete treatment of a patient
Lucknow: Black Fungus Alert: Liposomal amphotericin B-drug, an important injection used in the treatment of black fungus (mucormycosis), has disappeared from the market. On Sunday, a patient admitted to Apollo Hospital was searched all over Lucknow and could not get an injection anywhere. At the same time, according to the Timadars of the patients admitted in other hospitals, injections are also not available. The biggest reason for this is that till now the demand for this injection was very less. Therefore, its availability in the market was also less. These injections were sent back to companies in April due to expire.

Here, the demand for injections increased rapidly as the case of black fungus increased. Suresh Kumar, the spokesman of the Chemist and Druggist Association, said that the demand for antifungal injections was still very low. Apart from this, all the medical stores did not even keep it in their place due to being expensive. Most medical stores had only eight to 12 vials. But a patient suffering from black fungus needs 50 to 64 injections for complete treatment. Therefore, these injections are not available at the moment. He told that about 11 companies make it. But all used to be made in limited quantities. The injections are saved every time. So they had to be returned. The same thing happened this time too. Now only after the arrival of the new shipment, the availability of injections will be available again. This may take about a week. Demand has been sent to companies.
Price ranges from three to 14 thousand: Different manufacturers also sell this injection at different prices. Chemist Association member CM Dubey said that these injections were available two weeks ago. But he came back after expiry. The new consignment has not yet arrived. He told that the price of this injection varies from three thousand to 14 thousand according to different brands. Accordingly, several lakhs of rupees are injected into the treatment of a patient. It is not enough for ordinary patients to buy it.

Earlier, corona drugs and injections were also missing: before the black fungus Remedesvir, which was used to treat corona, disappeared after seeing it. Due to which black marketing was started. Dexamethasone, also known as its alternative, was not available in the market for a long time. Now there is an increased possibility of black marketing of amphotericin-B due to the supply being less than the demand.

KGMU suspects black fungus from Sultanpur: Another suspected patient of KGMU black fungus has emerged from Ghabhadia of Sultanpur. The patient is currently placed in the triage area. Family members allege that the doctors are not taking the patient seriously and have left only a bottle of glucose. The family of Marriage Waqar Ahmad said that he had become corona infected on 13 April. After this, he was cured. But for several days, his eyesight suddenly began to weaken. When local doctors expressed the apprehension of black fungus, they brought family members to KGMU.