(Manisha Mahar, Intern Journalist); Another bad news for the country battling Corona. Amidst the havoc of the Coronavirus, cancer is now ready to take the lives of people, as cancer cases in India will increase by 12% in the next five years. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Center for Disease Informatics and Research have said that cancer cases in India are estimated to be 13.9 lakhs this year, which may reach 15.7 lakhs by 2025.

ICMR said the National Cancer Registry Program Report, given in 2020, was based on information from 28 population-based cancer registries. It said that in addition to this, 58 hospital-based cancer registries also gave the figure.

According to the statement, tobacco-induced cancer cases are estimated to be 3.7 lakh, which will be 27.1 percent of the total cancer cases of 2020. It also says that the northeast will see more impact on this cancer. The statement said, “Two lakh cases of breast cancer in women (ie 14.8 percent), 0.75 lakh (ie 5.4 percent) of uterine cancer, 2.7 lakh cases of bowel cancer in men and women (ie 19.7 percent). It is estimated to remain.

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