(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Since the founding of the Corona Infections in Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi, the difficulties of its chief Maulana Saad have been steadily increasing. Now the CBI has started investigating foreign donations and Samat operators coming to the Tablighi Jamaat.

New Delhi: The difficulties of Tablighi Jamaat and its head Maulana Saad are increasing. The CBI has now started the investigation by registering a case under preliminary investigation in this case. The CBI has started this investigation on the basis of the complaint received in connection with the investigation of the illegal donations of the Tablighi Jamaat operators and the Jamaat.

A top CBI official said that the CBI had ‘received a complaint that the foreign fund was illegally coming to the Tablighi Jamaat and its operators. Along with this, it is also alleged that legal permission has not been taken for this foreign fund. The CBI has registered a case for preliminary investigation based on the complaint.

A senior CBI officer said that under the case of a preliminary investigation, CBI can neither legally give notice to anyone and call for questioning, nor can raid any institution or house in this regard.
The officer says that under this investigation, the complaint given on the basis of documents is investigated and if during this investigation it is found that on the basis of the facts given in the given complaint, the case will be made under criminal sections.

If there is, then CBI is a regular case in such cases i.e. RC which is FIR in colloquial language It is said that she registers. After that, it starts legal action officially.
After the initial investigation by the CBI, the problems of Tablighi Jamaat and all their associates, including Maulana Saad, may increase further in the coming days. If the CBI gets the facts during the initial investigation and the FIR is lodged, then the Delhi Police and the Income Tax Department will also go under the scanner of the CBI against Tablighi Jamaat and his associates.

Explain that no investigation agency has issued a notice of inquiry to Maulana Saad yet. However, the Delhi Police has filed 43 charge sheets in this case against foreign depositors participating in Tablighi Jamaat. Those to be heard in June. Both ED and Delhi Police claim that investigation is going on in this case and soon Maulana Saad can also be called for questioning. At the same time, the claims of both agencies have proved to be airborne as Maulana Saad has not been issued any notice of inquiry yet.

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