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Talk with seriousness It is not right to shed tears. Keep smiling even in pain. Hate is bad and learns to love with consciousness … There is no dearth of instructions given to children …
Shah Rukh Khan to Kaira i.e. Alia Bhatt says in a scene in the film ‘Dear Zindagi’ released a few years back, ‘When crying comes in childhood, elders say wipe tears, when angry, they say’ just smile ‘so that the peace can be maintained in the house; Hatred is not allowed, and when we want to love, the whole emotional system goes awry. Crying, anger, hatred is not allowed to express anything openly, then how to express love? ”This is not just a film dialogue, but a question in every mind. The question to ponder is whether these instructions to be heard in a body really work or are they formulated to be heard formally? According to psychologist Vipul Rastogi, “This is a period of panic. The same haste is found in parenting. The tune of making quick senses at an early age often creates distance between children and elders. ‘


Rush to grow
Children can grow up to be intelligent with age, but there are more parents who are engaged in the exercise of making children intellectually and emotionally ‘older’. Poet, writer, and novelist Sachchidananda Hiranand Vatsyayan ‘Agnayya’ has presented this very beautifully in his famous work ‘Shekhar-Ek Biography’. He has written in section one according to this, People often forget what their life is, then society is able to make the law that qualified, parents are the only ones who should teach children to be like elders’. ‘While teaching their children to behave like elders, they forget that they too were children at some time. Sometimes used to do such mischief. If the parents could remember this much then they will realise their children and they themselves would be how happy together. ”The author has spoken of another address in this book. According to him, “If the brain of children is like wet soil, also keep in mind that the footprints fall on the wet soil, not on the paved road!”
How does The maneuver does not work? Let us tell you;
According to the National Crime Records Bureau, “As cases of depression are rising rapidly at a young age, one reason for this is the expectations of parents, who are being inflicted on children from an early age. Let us also tell the children when they have to get angry, when to laugh, which maneuver to adopt, etc., then it is not necessary that they accept what you say. On the contrary, it is possible that they completely ignore these things and formulate their own rules. “The point of pediatrician and counselor Shilpa Gupta fits right here,” It is not the child, you have to decide that, What kind of parents you want to be. Those who irritate the children or talk to them by understanding their nature from afar, help them find a solution to an issue. “Sanam band member Keshav Dhanraj also says,” If you get tuning in from the parents, it is in themselves Is an achievement. There is always a generation gap but the dialogues that are maintained, the foundation of a beautiful relationship lies there. ‘
Why do you like yourself?
It is true that there is no perfect or perfect formula for raising or upbringing children. The ideal behavior system is also not fixed. Then what should they do to bring up their work? The question is intriguing and in this regard, American psychologist and author of ‘The Nature of Aspect- Why Children’s Turns Out the Way De Do’ has done a lot of work. According to him, “We all have an illusion about ourselves that we are better than others. The idea of being different from others reaches the upbringing of children. This is what prevents us from adopting a neutral attitude towards children because we feel that we are right. ‘Almost all parents think the same and when their thinking gets pushed, the path of prejudice seems simple. But who loves the advice? Lack of face-to-face interaction is the biggest crisis today. If your child is getting deprived of this, then keep in mind that he is also getting away from the necessary social skills-skills. A growing number of autistic youth point to this point.
Touch depth
You find yourself close to children, but do children find it easy for themselves? This question only determines your criterion. This nuanced aspect of psychology is now increasingly adopted. One of these is the attachment of children to children before birth and touching them after birth. All that is needed is to keep this touch for the rest of the days. According to sociologist Ritu Saraswat, “The child considers his guardian as a role model but if he is not able to give him respect, then the biggest reason for this is often to adopt insensitive behavior towards him. This should not happen, so it is important that you take the initiative to become a restrained person yourself. Do not postpone the children and make them feel together by always giving importance to them. ‘
Don’t get angry with me mother
The view is common in Indian families that often the mother stops talking to the child when angry. It is normal to have a little rage between the mother and child but do not include it in the routine. No matter how much any member loves in the family, the child is most attached to the mother. A child stricken by the neglect of the mother wanders throughout the family and sometimes becomes the center of even the ridicule of her siblings! If he is in a single-family, he becomes depressed and in a joint family, he becomes irritable and rebellious, neglecting himself and seeing other children caress. So work with restraint, after all, it is part of you. Don’t be so angry at the child’s fault that streaks of tears are formed on his pink cheeks; In the end, you will have to wipe them, you are the mother!
Deteriorating tuning
Parents always think well but there is a difference between thinking and doing.
Traditional thinking will have to be changed
We choose the same path in life, become that way, and reflect the same reactions that we have seen and understood. Parents should instead of carrying the traditional look make a little change. Today’s parents have started. Distances are getting shorter.
Trust and respect their decision and motivate their choice. This trust plays a big role in raising children.

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