Chief Minister Kamal Nath did not participate in the mass function organized on Yog Day in Madhya Pradesh today. Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan tensed when asked not to take part in the Chief Minister and said that Kamal Nath has introduced a narrow mindset. Shivraj Singh Chauhan participated in the collective yoga program on the occasion of International Yoga Day and discussing with reporters, there was no objection to Chief Minister Kamal Nath for not doing yoga.

Simultaneously, “Do not believe Kamal Nath Yoga as Hindutva or narrow; through this, the children of the state and the people of the state could have been motivated to stay healthy because the work of the head of the state should not be governed by governance alone, giving direction is also. He introduced a narrow mindset by not doing yoga.
Chouhan further said, “Prime Minister Modi has made Yagh a global one. Yoga is the unique gift of India to the world. It keeps the body healthy and the mind is happy. On the other hand, responding to the question of former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh staging a yoga session on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chauhan said that due to the media, Yoga has spread, how much will spread by speaking by the person; so I would give thanks to Modiji that he made such a media event that the yoga has reached the house-house. Yoga reached where the TV reached, reached the smartphone. Digvijay Singh and others should thank Mr. Modi for making such an event that the house has been added.

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