(Juhi Aishwary, Intern Journalist):  US President Donald Trump has been making all kinds of efforts to stop the violent demonstrations taking place after the death of black George Floyd, he called for the army to put an end to the raging movement, meanwhile, Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany Trump has also supported the movement.

The agitators are happy to support Trump’s daughter, but the problems have increased for Trump. It is now being said that by supporting Tiffany’s movement in this way; they can increase their trouble further. We tell you who Tiffany Trump is? 

So far, people have been watching Ivanka only with Donald Trump, she has also been active in politics, but from now on, Tiffany has increased the difficulty of Trump by coming forward and supporting the movement. We tell you who Tiffany Trump is? What does Tiffany do and what she keeps interested in. Prior to this, Tiffany had come in a lot of discussion in America.

Mother and daughter showed anger by posting a black screen 

Demonstrations have continued in the United States after the death of black George Floyd. These demonstrations are supported by many people from all over the world. The Trump administration has so far failed to stop the violence and demonstrations. Now, these demonstrations have also been supported by President Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany Trump and her mother Marla Maples. It is believed that supporting Tiffany and her mother in this way will certainly increase Trump’s difficulty. 

Who is tiffany? 

US President Donald Trump has done 3 weddings. Their 5 children are Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Baron Trump. Tiffany is one of them. Tiffany is Trump’s second wife Marla Maples’ daughter. Trump married Marla in 1993. This was his second marriage. Tiffany’s mother has been Marla’s actress and model. They have known names in America. Tiffany was born on 13 October 1993. He is named after Tiffany, a jewelry brand. Tiffany grew up studying in California. Tiffany’s mother and Trump’s marriage lasted only 6 years. After this, both people separated in the year 1999. Trump married Melania after separating from them. Melania and Trump’s son’s name is Baron. 

She stays away from politics 

Tiffany lives far away from American politics. For this reason, he is rarely seen in Donald Trump and the White House. Tiffany thought of making a career in law, not showing interest in politics and her father’s business. She is also said to be an animal lover, she is also very fond of music. Once Tiffany also thought about making a career in music, but then turned her attention to studies. Not only this, but Tiffany is also rarely seen with her brothers and Ivanka.

Quite active on social media 

Tiffany is very active on social media Instagram. She keeps sharing a lot of her pictures on social media Instagram. People also like these pictures of Tiffany. Many photos of the entire family will also be seen on his Instagram. Apart from this, he has also posted many pictures with Donald Trump. 

Tiffany was in a lot of discussion about dress 

Those who know Tiffany say that their lifestyle is very simple but they are fond of wearing make-up and new clothes. Tiffany once bought a dress from a cell, it was very cheap but Tiffany liked it. Although that dress was not known to be worn on special occasions, Tiffany had once reached the Republican Party event wearing her same dress. 

In the White House, the employee said he was fat 

It was the year 2019, Tiffany was in the White House for some reason, where an employee saw Tiffany and commented on her as fat. When Tiffany listened to this, he told this to his father Donald Trump, and that employee was fired from the White House on Trump’s orders. Another thing is that Trump also avoids clicking photos with Tiffany. The pictures with Trump on Tiffany’s Instagram are from the year 2016 and around. 

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