Deepak Dubey: PUBG Mobile has completed 2 years of launch and even today, many new players are being added to this best Battle Royale game every day. That is why today we have brought such evergreen PUBG tips and tricks for you.

If you are fond of gaming at all, then hardly we need to introduce you to PUBG Mobile Game. The battle royal game started in India, thanks to this game, and today, PUBG Mobile has incorporated itself into the most popular game in India. Not only in India but around the world, the divinity of this game speaks head-on, but India is one of the countries where PUBG Mobile has a large active player base. PUBG Mobile has completed 2 years of launch and even today, many new players are being added to this best Battle Royale game every day. The game’s player base is getting more bounce due to the Coronavirus lockdown. That is why, today, we have brought such evergreen PUBG tips and tricks for you, which you have reached here in search of. If you are also a new or a beginner PUBG mobile player, then the PUBG Mobile tips given here are going to be very useful for you.

PUBG is a battle royale game where the amount you master is less. Above all, if you are a beginner player, the complexity of this game will leave no stone unturned to lower your morale. However, understanding and mastering PUBG Mobile is not rocket science. By reading this guide of pubic tips and tricks to the bottom, you will understand this. However, the performance of the best games in PUBG Mobile depends on your own skills. Here we are only giving you tips to improve the game. So if you are also a new player and want to improve your game and understand PUBG Mobile then without wasting time let’s start this guide of PUBG Mobile tips and tricks.

Get down to less crowded places

If you are a new PUBG mobile player, then, of course, you too must have made the mistake of landing in a crowded place. New players often make this mistake and become their crate within a few minutes. For example, if you have chosen the Erangel map, locations such as the military base, school, and hospital are considered the best for loot and where there are a plethora of players. The most important thing is to stay away from such a location and get out on the outskirts of the map to survive for a long time. Prison, Mansion, Farm, Zarki, Severna are some safe locations with little loot.

Do not rush to rob the enemy’s crate

Most of you must have heard, greed is a bad thing. Even in PUBG, your greed can get you 100 per cent dead. One of the reasons why many players die in the game is that they lure the enemy to rob his crate as soon as he kills. If you do too, hopefully, you will stop doing this after reading this guide. If you hit a player in the game, always check the surrounding environment first, because the team of dead players can also be around. There is better vigilance than greed here.

Focus on the map constantly

It is very important to pay attention to the map. Tap the map icon at the top right corner and follow these tips – first, stay inside or around the white circle. Second, if you live outside the blue circle, your health will decrease rapidly, so in any case, stay inside the blue circle. Third, stay outside the red circles coming in the map or inside the circles, because bombs fall in the red circle area and can fall anytime. Fourth and last tip, you can see the bullets running around on the map and the enemy’s walking marks, so use these to your advantage.

Shoot only to kill

In PUBG Mobile you can play the game in two ways. Either you can run in the game in search of loot or maximum kill or you can camp by filling your bag on a terrace or inside a building. If you have a high and good point as well as a long-range weapon, you can easily make a crate of multiple players, but do not shoot until you are sure that you are in the front. Can kill the player easily. Because as soon as you shoot, you will compromise your intelligence. Lest the one you want to kill should overrun your game.

Use of grenades will be best

If you are fond of finding players in PUBG Mobile and increasing your keel, we would advise you to fill a lot of grenade and Molotov cocktails in your bag. Smoke grenades will help you hide, while Frag grenades and Molotov cocktails will serve to take out enemies from their place. If your grenade throwing method is good, the enemy may not even get a chance to get out.

Choose the right weapon

If you are planning to camp and snip, but your main weapon is a shotgun, then you are making the biggest mistake. You can carry two big guns in addition to pistols in the game, so choose guns based on your planning. For example, the M416 assault rifle can be a good choice, as it has a high fire rate and has many attachment options. It is effective for hitting players in the mid-range. Also, if your way of aiming is good, then you can walk with a sniper. A sniper rifle like the Kar98, SKS, is quite effective as it can easily hit long-range enemies with a large scope.

If you can’t find a sniper rifle, look for a larger scope and fit it into another assault rifle. You can switch the rifle to a single fire mode instead of auto and use it as a sniper.

Use vehicles as much as possible

In real life, whether you know how to drive or not, but in PUBG Mobile you can drive with full speed. For a large map like Evangel in Pabji, it is quite beneficial to have a vehicle. This map is quite large and many times the players are killed in the rounding inside the circle. Here we will advise you to use cars or boats to reach the location you have decided. But remember that the noise of the trains informs other players about your surroundings, so if you want to play hide and seek then avoid these.

Keep in touch with teammates

In PUBG Mobile, you will often bump into a player who thinks that he alone is enough, he does not need anyone else. Ten minutes later he is crying and pleading with his teammates to revive him. Avoid becoming such a player. This is a team game, so talk to your teammates and also help them when needed. Tell them when you find the need or if you see enemies, then share their location. Even if you die, keep watching your teammate’s game and tell your teammates if you see anything important.

Use wired earphones

Sound plays a crucial role to survive in PUBG Mobile. If you use wired headphones, you will hear the direction of the enemy’s movement or the sound of the bullet. Low-latency Bluetooth earphones will also work, but wired is a better option.

Try to lasts till the last

If you have kept yourself alive for the last few minutes of the game, when the white circle is too small and few enemies are left, congratulations are made. Being a new player is a big achievement. In the last few minutes, all you have to do is reload your gun and keep the health bar fully filled.

Once you have done this, find the cover inside the circle, do not rush. Due to the very small circle, your slightest movement can be easily heard by the enemy and your cover can fly easily. If the last white circle is forming in an open field, it is best to lie down in the grass and move slowly by crawling. You can use the Eye icon on the screen to look around without moving. Do not fire until you are sure, because it is sure to explode your location.

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