Ayodhya’s famous Atul Khare murder case has a new twist. Actually, the killers of Dr. Arvind Khare’s elder brother Atul Khare have been identified. The killer of the deceased Atul Khare is his only neighbor. The killers have been identified as Aditya Saini alias Shanu (main accused) and his friend Mithilesh (main accused), Rahul, Ramaji.

Murder has done under the conspiracy: Please tell that the murder of Atul Khare was done under a well-thought-out conspiracy. Shanu called him to his house and then there were already three of his friends present. He drank a lot of alcohol. And then when the deceased did not like the atmosphere there, they tried to leave from there. But at that time, all four people surrounded them and hit the head with a bottle of liquor. After this, when the deceased Atul wanted to save himself, the killers cut his throat with a knife and put flour in his blood-soaked body. So that their blood dries up. Please tell that if the killers still did not get satisfaction, then the dead body was burnt overnight.

Sanu wanted to forcefully occupy the land: Shanu Saini’s mother Sarla used to teach the daughters of the deceased Atul Khare in St. Mary’s School. The killer Shanu had informed his mother about the murder. Let me tell you that Sanu had an eye on the property of the deceased Atul Khare. He wanted to usurp their land with hooliganism. Whereas Atul Khare had full land documents. Atul Khare had his own temple and a lot of land of his grandfather-Baba in Delhi Darwaza. On which many people were watching. Shanu Saini was one of them. He always shows them the glory of Netagiri. Many times before, Sanu had threatened them.

Family members demanded death sentence: Please tell that the deceased Atul Khare has five daughters and two sons. They live in Lucknow. While the deceased Atul Khare lived in his ancestral house located behind his Delhi Darwaza Cement Kothi. Family members have clearly said that we do not need any compensation. But the law should strictly punish those who murdered my father and my mother’s husband. They get hanged.

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